Looking for investor?

Lagoon Ltd. Is providing comprehensive services for retaining strategic capital partner for your company or project. We have broad range of companies and funds looking to invest throughout all sectors of economy. Our goal is to present your project on relevant places and connect capital partners from around the world with entrepreneurs in CEE region.

 Professional assistance and consulting for sale of company

Lagoon Ltd. Will provide you with tailor made due diligence documentation as well as professional presentation necessary for any sale of company. Materials that we can prepare include complete presentation documentation calculations of expenses, indicative value, and market analysis among all other information required by any investor. We can lead the negotiations about the sale on your behalf, and secure a smooth transfer of shares, contract, and documentation. Our clients highly appreciate our tailor made personal and staffing solutions based on our extensive contact in the region. Lagoon consult is a one stop shop for valuation of your project, completion of feasibility study and finding a perspective investor.

 Professional management advisory

Our dedicated team will provide a major impact to handle business growth, restructuring or other issues that may arise in your business. We provide a complex advisory in financing your business, organizational structure and setting up of production and management processes. Lagoon consult is the right choice for achieving companies process efficiency and strategically manage your business growth.